Castle: beginning
A delightful but simple structure with towers, turrets, battlements & flags geared for age 4.5 to 6.
Art Materials: Markers & soft pastel

Castle: intermediate
Enchanting castle nestled in the snow-capped mountains with multiple towers, walls, battlements, & grand entrance.
Art Materials: Marker &soft pastel

Castle: advanced
Project based on a Finnish castle with a focus on perspective, shading and just enough challenge to yield a sophisticated, satisfying artwork for which any student would be proud.
Art Materials: Marker & colored pencil
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Unicorn/Horse: advanced
This unicorn has attitude and pizazz.
A circular base provides the basic armature for the body and makes drawing the horse body a snap. Suggestions for how to blend and burnish with marker & colored pencil, are included.
Art Materials: marker with colored pencil
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